Interstate Architects Boosts Productivity by 30% with a Contex-Scanned Archive

Architectural Firm Safeguards Clients’ Blueprints with a Contex Scanner.

Major Guitar Company Relies on Contex HD iFLEX for 3D Manufacturing Workflow

A world famous guitar company needed digital representation of its guitars for their 3D manufacturing workflow. Digital photography was ruled out because of the challenge of reproducing a one-to-one ratio. A flatbed scanner was ideal, but outsourcing this function was too time consuming.

Ursus exponentially grows business with Contex flatbed scanner

Vintage art and book retailer drives up sales of historic prints with Contex HD iFLEX

Gilmore more than doubles productivity with Contex HD Ultra

Canadian repro shop relies on the speed and accuracy of the Contex scanning solution to process thousands of documents for Ottawa’s public transit system

HD iFLEX Opens Doors for Oregon Repro Shop

Customers increasingly sought digital scanning of exceptionally fragile documents, mounted artwork, framed photographs, and other three-dimensional originals.

Contex MFP is a valuable business asset for aerospace manufacturer

Contex scanners exceed accuracy requirements and the productivity gains are off the charts.

County engineer’s office saves time and money with digital copying

Ohio’s Perry County Office gets a swift ROI with a Contex wide format scanner

Drawings in seconds for Russian automotive industry

Remote access to a digital archive reduced designers’ and engineers’ time searching

Rock Art Institute protects priceless African history with HD 5450

The world’s largest archive of African rock art collections becomes digitally available in an easy-to-search database, to protect and preserve the continent’s rich archaeological heritage.

Holloman Fulfills Need for Speed with Contex HD Ultra

Holloman fulfills need for speed with Contex HD Ultra, which delivers unprecedented speed, color accuracy, and imaging processing. Regarded as the fastest place on Earth, this 10-mile long, precision-aligned Holloman high speed test track is where scientists and engineers put their newest prototypes to the test

Old World Auctions reduces scan time by 80%

Scanning approx 70 antique maps a week for their quarterly auctions of maps, atlases and other cartographic items. Now the Old World Auctions even have a new business area - to sell the scanned maps.

Viz-it Reproduces Precise Textile Details with Contex HD technology

Viz-it LLC delivers precise digital representation of interior design textiles for leading furniture manufacturers. Scanned images allow prospective customers to zoom in to view the color, design, and texture of each textile with accuracy when researching major furniture purchases.

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