Old World Auctions reduces scan time by 80%

Old World Auctions sells antique maps and other cartographic items – dating from the 16th century through the beginning of the 20th century. They scan and digitize each map the company receives – approx 70 antique maps a week. To work efficiently they needed to reduce scan time considerably. Old World Auctions needed to integrate disparate sets of information into an easily searchable database. Staffers would no longer use library cards for archival plant records and maps that were created prior to the 1980s, when the database was first launched.
The solution

A high-speed HD 36 inch wide format scanner to scan color and monochrome maps, regardless of condition. The scanner captures high-quality images measuring up to 36-inches wide within seconds (in principle no limit on length).
Benefits & Results

he Contex HD scanner’s rapid scanning ability has considerably shortened scanning times. The owner of Old World Auctions, Jon Dotson states, “When we decided to buy this scanner it was really on the premise that if we can have our Associate Cataloguer actually cataloguing rather than waiting for the scan to finish, it would be worth it. It’s about productivity.”
New business area

Additionally, the Contex HD’s high resolution scanning capability has contributed to another facet of Old World Auctions’ business: the selling of digital images. Customers can purchase the remarkably precise scans and avoid unnecessarily handling their maps, minimizing the likelihood of damage and wear.

"I’m a finance geek, so I looked at the numbers. In less than two years, the Contex scanner would pay for itself. It was a pretty easy decision," says Jon Dotson, owner of the Old World Auctions

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