HD iFLEX Opens Doors for Oregon Repro Shop

Bend Mapping & Blueprint captures new business with Contex HD iFLEX

Turning away business is not something that companies happily do. Especially service-oriented companies like Oregonbased Bend Mapping & Blueprint, whose customers enjoy immediate turnaround of scanning projects. The company is known for providing speedy service and completing difficult jobs, thanks to roll scanners from Contex. But increasingly, customers sought high-quality scans of three-dimensional originals that the roll scanners could not accommodate. Owner Rob Butler knew it was time to invest in a flatbed scanner that could meet this growing demand. 

When Contex introduced the HD iFLEX flatbed scanner, Butler knew it was perfect for his company’s needs. “We quickly took on new business after adding the HD iFLEX,” states Butler. 

The solution

The Contex HD iFLEX flatbed scanner with Nextimage REPRO provides a high-quality scan at full 600 x 600 optical
resolution. The versatile device has an A2/C-size footprint, but can capture three-dimensional objects up to A1/D size.
The HD iFLEX can connect to any of Bend Mapping’s wide format digital printers

Benefits & Results

With the HD iFLEX flatbed scanner, Bend Mapping can take on a wide range new business and meets the needs of an
evolving customer base. New projects include exceptionally fast, high-quality scanning of mounted artwork, fragile
originals, and framed portraits and diplomas.

HD iFLEX means more business

While the local construction industry accounts for about 80% of Bend Mapping’s business, the city is also home to many
artists, educators, galleries, and retirees. Many of the customers who will benefit from the new HD iFLEX are local
artists and gallery owners, whose original artwork is not easily reproducible due to size, materials, or mounting.
Thanks to the HD iFLEX, Bend Mapping can capture highquality scans for the short-run digital prints that sell in local
galleries, or for use on websites, in advertising, and for marketing purposes.

A significant benefit of the HD iFLEX with Nextimage REPRO software is its large scanning area. Though the HD iFLEX has
an A2/C-size footprint, Contex’s Nextimage software allows the device to capture an A1/D-size original. The hardware
scans the image area in just four seconds, and its camera provides a full 600 x 600 optical resolution. Bend Mapping
staffers can easily connect the HD iFLEX to any one of its five wide-format printers.

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