Drawings in seconds for Russian automotive industry

Substantial time savings with digital archival

Part of the PRAMO group, the Joint-Stock Company ELTRA is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical components for automobiles and tractors in Russia and the CIS countries.

For over 30 years ELTRA has been manufacturing automotive parts – starters, generators, spark plugs, etc. – for some of the largest companies in the Russian Federation (VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Zavolzhskij Motor Plant, YAMZ, KAMAZ and others).

Over the years the plant has accumulated an enormous paper archive of drawings for technological equipment and instruments. For this reason there was an urgent need to convert the existing drawings into electronic format to enable all designers and engineers at the plant to have remote access to them and significantly reduce the time spent searching for them.

A0 size and larger

The choice of a Contex solution for scanning the considerable amount of drawings in A0 size and larger, and the software package for scanning and processing images was taken after qualified consultations with CSoft in Moscow and a comparative analysis of the market.

The solution

A Contex 44 inch wide format scanner and a software package for scanning and processing images. This choice proved to be right.

Benefits & Results

The company ELTRA scans drawings in seconds for the huge Russian automotive industry. All designers and engineers, including those working remotely, can now easily search and find the drawings and by converting them to vector even make changes and product development. Time spent searching and processing documents has been reduced significantly.

“The primary reason we purchased a scanner is to make surveys available digitally. We also wanted to protect the documents as they aged and became more fragile,” states Fulk. The documents, which date back to the 1800s, were sometimes damaged during retrieval and copying.

A digital archive eliminates this risk to irreplaceable historical records, preserving delicate originals and managing the flow of survey data to and from the County office.

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