Viz-it Reproduces Precise Textile Details with Contex HD technology

Scanning provides quality images for online furniture browsing

North Carolina-based Viz-it LLC delivers precise digital representation of interior design textiles for leading furniture manufacturers. These images allow prospective customers to zoom in to view the color, design, and texture of each textile with accuracy when researching major furniture purchases.

Accurate interior design textiles for onscreen viewing
Showcasing a company’s products on the Internet is not just for online purchases. Manufacturers like Thomasville, Baker Furniture, and Drexel Furniture understand that many customers first spend time browsing new furnishings online to identify the best color or fabric for their homes..

The challenge
Viz-it owner and professional photographer Scott Davis had two options for reproducing the hundreds of fabric swatches for each client: photography or scanning.

The solution
To achieve an extraordinary level of detail, Viz-it chose Contex HD technology and Nextimage software.

Benefits & Results
Contex scanners deliver exceptional quality scans for the price, which allows Viz-it to offer their clients affordable, quality images. An alternative would have been to either offer an inferior product or significantly raise their prices to offset the cost of manual color corrections.

"Scanning the textile samples was the best method for accurately reproducing fine details. Scanning ensures stable lighting conditions and digital accuracy for both print and screen." Scott Davis, owner of Viz-it LLC

Clients submit hundreds of swatches of drapery and upholstery fabric that need to be digitally represented with precise color and texture. Scott Davis knew that scanning the textile samples was the best method for accurately reproducing fine details. Davis selected the Contex scanner after a comprehensive search that involved submitting test swatches to leading scanner manufacturers and comparing the results. He considered various criteria, including color fidelity and the ability to render a range of fabric thicknesses—from satin to quilted.

“Hands down, the Contex scanner had much better texture detail and color accuracy. These elements are essential to what we do,” comments Davis. Viz-it scans about 20 fabric swatches a day. The high-quality scans minimize the need to rescan items or to perform post-scanning manipulations. The images are then imported into an e-commerce tool, for displaying the images online.

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