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As the world's largest developer and producer of large format imaging solutions, Contex leads the market with innovative technology and advanced scan and copy software applications.

Sold worldwide in over 90 countries, Contex solutions are recognized in a wide range of industries for reliability, value, high performance and superb image quality.

 Our mission is to create industry-leading 2D imaging solutions and our vision is to ...

  • provide the best imaging solutions for small and large business partners
  • lead the markets in our fields of interest
  • continuously improve our business practices, products and services
  • create superior financial returns
  • form a dedicated team sharing a passion for our business
  • earn our reputation as dependable, reliable and ethical

Company History

Contex is one of Denmark’s fastest growing IT-companies - and holds a leading position in the global large format scanner market. To reach its current position, Contex has evolved over a long and diverse history.

When Contex was originally founded in 1923, the company designed and manufactured inventive, "time-saving" business machines. These included printing machines, mechanical and electronic calculators and electrostatic copiers, which were distributed and sold worldwide under the Rex-Rotary and Gestetner brand names.

By the early 1980s, Contex had evolved into what it is today, laying the foundation for Contex Scanning Technology. The development of modular scanning technology began in 1986 and in 1988 Contex introduced its first monochrome large format scanner. The company released a complete line of monochrome scanners in 1990, and launched its first large format color scanners in 1996. Today, Contex offers 18", 25", 36", 42" and 54" all-in-one, color and monochrome scanners.

Contex leads the global imaging industry in large format scanning, copying and image enhancement. The company has approximately 140 employees worldwide.

Meet our managers

Contex is a cohesive organization with close working relationships between departments and employees. We handle the complete development process – from product concept to production and shipping – at our state-of-the-art facilities in Denmark

Management team

Jacob Bendix, VP Global Sales & Marketing
Jacob Bendix joined Contex in 2000. He is the architect behind our Distribution Business and knows the Scanner business in a detailed perspective. Jacob holds a Diploma in Marketing and Economics from Copenhagen Business School and has a solid background in Sales & International Marketing.

Anja Møller Folkvardsen, Chief Financial Officer
Anja joined Contex in 2010, having a double degree in Accounting and in Informatics (HD (R) and HD(I)). She started out in the Deloitte & Touch accounting firm, but was not opting for a career as accountant and moved to the J. Lauritzen shipping company, where she worked her way up to Accounting Manager. Since 2001, Anja has been with the medico-tech company Medtronic. The company is currently part of Alpine Biomed, where Anja worked as Senior Finance Manager. Anja has worked a good deal with production economy and project financing, and she is used to working closely with all functions within a company.

Henrik Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer 
Henrik joined Global Scanning in 1990. As Chief Technology Officer, Henrik is responsible for all research and development activities at Global Scanning. He manages Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationships and is closely involved with Global Scanning’s large customers. An important part of Henrik’s job is working closely with customers to drive innovation in the search for more advanced offerings. A proven innovator, Henrik graduated from the Danish Technical University with an MSc in Electrical Engineering.

Contex World Wide

Contex Head Office

Global Scanning Denmark A/S
2 Svanevang
DK-3450 Alleroed
CVR/VAT No. 12759282

Phone: +45 4814 1122
E-mail: info@contex.com 

Press Contact: Jacob Bendix, VP Global Sales & Marketing
Phone +45 4814 1122 -
E-mail: marketing@contex.com

Contex North & South America Office
Global Scanning Americas (MD) Inc.
14155 Sulleyfield Circle suite C
Chantilly, VA. 20151 

Toll Free: +877-226-6839 (877-2-CONTEX)
Phone: +1 (703) 964 9850
Fax: + 1 (703) 547 3375

Contex Japan Branch Office

Global Scanning Japan A/S
19th Floor Yokohama Creation Square, 5-1, Sakae-cho, Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken Japan 221-0052

Phone: +81 3 3669 5515
Fax: +81 3 3669 5516
E-mail: info-japan@contex.com

Contex EMEA-India Office

Global Scanning Denmark A/S
2 Svanevang
DK-3450 Alleroed

Phone: +45 4814 1122
Fax: +45 4814 0122
E-mail: emea-india@contex.com


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