Old World Auctions Reduces Scan Time by 80% with Contex HD Wide Format Scanner

Old World Auctions, an online auction house of antique maps, reduced scan time by over 80% with the Contex HD 36 inch solution and expects a two-year ROI on the wide format scanner. 

Since acquiring the Contex CCD scanner in December 2012, Old World Auctions has seen immediate benefits from the scanner's speed and accuracy, particularly with staffers' increased productivity.

Staffers use the scanner to capture antique maps from the 15th through the 19th centuries in vivid detail. High resolution images are a defining aspect of the Old World Auctions brand, and the Contex scanner has transformed these images into a marketable product, contributing to the company's revenue. 

"The main reason we purchased the  Contex HD scanner is to improve productivity," states Jon Dotson, owner of Old World Auctions. "A new Contex scanner would not only give better quality images, it would be much faster. The difference is night and day."

Old World Auctions relies on website images for an accurate representation of its antique maps. Each week, the Associate Cataloguer scans and digitizes approximately 70 maps. Scanning comprises only 30% of the Associate Cataloguer's duties; however, it previously took several minutes to process each map, making it difficult to work efficiently. 

With the high-speed Contex wide format scanner, the Associate Cataloguer captures high-quality images of color and monochrome maps within seconds. The reduced scan times allow the staffer to complete other tasks, such as cataloguing and digitizing maps in preparation for upcoming auctions.

"Contex developed the Contex HD technology specifically for businesses with demanding scanning projects, whether due to volume or scan quality," comments Steve Blanken, General Manager of Contex Americas. "The combination of the scanner's speed, intuitive features, and image resolution consistently delivers precise scans. It is why a Contex CCD scanner is an asset for any office where scanning is an important part of the business."

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