Contex and Global Vision to show latest proofing system for the print industry at Graph Expo

In collaboration with Global Vision, world leading developer of proofreading tech- nologies, Contex displays HD Ultra at Graph Expo in Chicago, Sep. 28-Oct. 1, Booth #343

At the Expo, Global Vision will demonstrate its latest proofreading and quality control solutions for the print industry including the ScanTVS print inspection solution featuring the Contex HD Ultra i3650s scanner. This combined solution is used by major printing companies and brand owners worldwide to inspect labels, cartons, inserts and press sheets, ensuring accurate representation of the printed information. The solution reduces the chance of costly errors by enabling users to check hard copy proofs for print defects, missing or broken elements, and color differences.

“Graph Expo attendees can see firsthand how the Contex/Global Vision solution picks up deviations between PDFs and final print runs, which can be costly for the printer and its customers if left undetected,” comments Steve Blanken, General Manager, Contex Americas. “It’s a powerful tool to help all manufacturers reduce time to market.”

“Since the largest source of product recalls is due to copy-related errors in printed materials, printers rely on our proofreading tools to avoid these kind of mistakes. We look forward to demonstrating our solutions at Graph Expo,” comments Reuben Malz, President, Global Vision.

Quality Control in the Printer Marketplace
Global Vision solutions with Contex wide format scanners solve the problem that stems from the multilayer production process and the risk associated with multiple hands having input into the development of product materials. ScanTVS provides quality control to ensure that content is kept accurate with all parties involved.

Global Vision chooses to bundle the HD Ultra with ScanTVS because of its best-in-class image quality and efficient scanning. The HD Ultra i3650s delivers 12-inch per second scanning speed (monochrome) and 620 monochrome / 302 color Arch E-size documents per hour. The scanner achieves unsurpassed image quality with precision camera technology, intelligent calibration, and the innovative AccuColor enhancement algorithm.

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