Interstate Architects Boosts Productivity by 30% with a Contex-Scanned Archive

A Contex-scanned archive provides high quality images for quick integration into Interstate Architects’ AutoCAD-based workflow, improving architects’ productivity by up to 30%. In addition to safeguarding clients’ blueprints, the digital archive has also reduced printing expenses, resulting in even more savings.

For over 60 years, Nigeria-based Interstate Architects has built a reputation for more than just outstanding design work. The architectural firm is valued for its reliability, consistency and pride it takes, especially with safeguarding its archive of clients’ hard copy blueprints and photographic records. When the assets began to show signs of deterioration, coupled with the time-consuming challenge of accessing them from the archive, Interstate Architects took action.

The firm opted to digitize its archive of over 25,000 documents in-house, and chose the Contex wide format scanner for the task. The Contex scanner makes it easy to scan large format technical documents, maps and drawings, with exceptional results.

Scanning nearly 200 documents a day, the architectural firm completed the project within 6 months. The Contex scanning project has saved days -- even weeks -- from an architect’s workflow. Greater productivity and efficiencies were just the beginning of the benefits the firm achieved.

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