Integrate paper in your workflow

When you design, validate and coordinate in CAD applications, you print and share information in analog form. This does not fit your digital workflow and you are often held back by the need to redraw technical plans.

Contex has solutions for this. Using the latest innovations in wide format document scanning we can integrate CAD originals directly into your digital cad workflow – right in your office.


Whether we're converting raster to vector or using an image as a background in CAD, Contex scans deliver the quality and accuracy that impress our customers require.

Scott Carter, President, Digital Data Services


For scanning, choose a scanner - not a copier

"Having the right tools is half the job" 
Contex scanning solutions are designed to provide workflow and image quality for all scanning needs. Unlike an MFP, where the goal is primarily to make copies, a stand alone scanner is the only solution providing the right working height, clean up features and scan speeds required for scanning to file. All this while still connecting to all your wide format printers. 

A Contex scanning solution provides:

  • Image quality required for raster to vector conversions.
  • Fast scanning speeds up to 14 ips in Color 
  • Scanning software designed for scanning
  • Cloud solutions for sharing information without printing 
  • Direct printer drivers with all major wide format printer brands


Best choice for all CAD applications

Fast, crisp, and sharp scans of regular and oversized documents. Scan and collaborate with more power in every pixel.



  • Spend less time scanning and instead focus on what matters to you. Scan A0/E-size color documents in just 3.5 seconds and get all the details you need.

  • IQ Quattro is networked with your entire workgroup and Cloud connected with your entire project team.

Designed to meet the needs of high-productivity archiving teams, scanning professionals and reprographics departments, the HD Ultra is simply the best large format scanner available.

SD One+ has everything you need in an office scanner. With 24” & 36” versions and scanning at the highest possible accuracy, it’s compact and unobtrusive, yet has all the features you need.


How we help customers in CAD

Interstate Architects Boosts Productivity by 30%

Hindered by a lack of a digital archive, staffers at Interstate Architects encountered bottlenecks each time new projects called for blueprints from its archive. When it took days for architects to access these hard copy documents, the firm wanted a better solution.

Read the full story here

Drawings in seconds for Russian automotive industry

The company ELTRA scans drawings in seconds for the huge Russian automotive industry. All designers and engineers, including those working remotely, can now easily search and find the drawings and by converting them to vector even make changes and product development. Time spent searching and processing documents has been reduced significantly.

Read the full story here

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