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Image quality is essential when it comes to digital analysis. Without an accurate scan that captures every detail, both in terms of color and dimensional stability, the image has little value.

To convert images to points, lines, polygons and annotations, GIS users rely on the image quality provided only by a Contex HD Ultra scanner.

Don't trust a datasheet - contact us and bring your challenging originals.  

For scanning, choose a scanner - not a copier

Having the right tools is half the job. Contex scanning solutions are designed to provide workflow and image quality for all scanning needs. Unlike an MFP, where the goal is to primarily to make copies, a stand alone scanner is the only solution providing the right working height, true scanning software features and scan speeds required for scanning to file. All this while still connecting to all your wide format printers. 

A Contex scanning solution provides:

  • Easy tools for feature extractions
  • Image quality for optimal digital analysis
  • Small, accurate image files using index color
  • Fast scanning speeds up to 14 ips in Color 
  • Scanning software designed for scanning
  • Direct printer drivers with all major wide format printer brands


The quality of the scanned image is the key to a successful GIS system, which is why we use the Contex HD Ultra. Other solutions require multiple scanning attempts to achieve what we can do with a Contex scanner the first time.

Lisa Desaultes, Owner, Graphic Imaging Services


The difference is clear.

Discover the quality of the HD Ultra scanner.

                                                                          Competitor quality                                     Contex HD Ultra quality

The right scanner for GIS - Every time!



One thing is constant: There will always be maps to scan and data to extract into a GIS imaging system. Rely on the accuracy and quality of the HD Ultra scanner  scanner to get the job done right -- every time. 



Up to 44 inch wide documents

Fast, crisp, and sharp scans of regular and oversized documents. Scan and collaborate with more power in every pixel.

Flatbed scanner for fragile originals

The HD iFLEX is the most flexible A2/C-size flatbed on the market and can even scan up to A1/D-size documents.


How we help customers in GIS

Old World Auctions reduces scan time by 80%

The Contex HD scanner’s rapid scanning ability has considerably shortened scanning times. 
The owner of Old World Auctions, Jon Dotson states, “When we decided to buy this scanner it was really on the premise that if we can have our Associate Cataloguer actually cataloguing rather than waiting for the scan to finish, it would be worth it. It’s about productivity.”

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