• The best online platform for large format files in the jungle
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    The best online platform for large format files in the jungle

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Sharing platform

Your images, drawings and documents are intelligently organized in the rainforest365 cloud solution. And it’s available online from all your smart devices. Making it super easy to work together on different projects.

On-the-go availability

Use the rainforest365 app for taking pictures of stuff you want to work on and stores it in your rainforest365 library. You can scan large format documents on-the-go too. Just use the MiM feature in the app.

All the space you need

We doubt you will run into “file too large” problems with rainforest365. You can upload up to 2 GB per file. Which is more than enough for most large format files.

Access from all your devices

Integrating the use of smart devices makes it easy to access your rainforest365 library. So whenever you need to look, work or share those large format images/files you just pick up whatever you have at hand and get started.

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